Bridal Makeup

On the day you have been dreaming of since you were a little girl, you don’t want to leave your wedding makeup to chance. Wedding day makeup is one of the most important factors in determining what kind of impression you will make on your groom and your guests. You’ll want to feel confident that your bridal makeup is top notch and that it is providing you with all the charm and beauty that you will be feeling on that day.

Here are a few bridal makeup ideas to ensure that your bridal makeup looks exactly like you have always dreamed. One of the most important bridal makeup tips is to consider letting a professional makeup artist do your makeup for wedding day. A cosmetologist is an expert on finding the right balance between colors and textures to match your skin tones, facial type, as well as matching everything with your wedding dress. If you really want to do your own makeup for the big day, you still might want to consult with your local cosmetologist to get suggestions and ideas. She can even give you a few makeovers there in her shop that you can apply yourself when the day comes.

Your eyes are going to play a big role on your wedding day, especially when your groom is looking into them when you two are saying your vows. So bridal eye makeup is a key factor you want to get right. It’s important not to overdo the eye makeup, but you also want to remember that you will be watched from a distance by the guests, and you will be having photographs and video taken throughout. Think of it a little like makeup for a stage play. You want enough eye makeup to separate yours eyes so they will be visible, but not so much that you look cheap.

Again, this is one of the most important days in your life, so don’t leave it to chance. Check with professional cosmetologists for the latest bridal makeup tips so that you can look as stunning as you will feel.

If you like to make your own makeup in your wedding, There are many bridal makeup looks, you can do it in your wedding. classic makeup, glamour makeup, romantic and simple makeup.

Classic makeup:  the eye makeup is the important thing in any type of makeup, in this type, put the black liner on the top lashes, and applied a soft eyeliner to the lower lash line, use a light colored eye shadow, Put a light foundation suits your skin color, and finish the classic look with rosy lips.  You can use these makeup products like, Clarins eye liner, Lancome lipstick, and Armani Maestro fusion makeup.

Glamours makeup: use a shinny and light eyeshadow colors, and slick of waterproof eyeliner , also you can apply eyelashes to give your lash a volume,finish the look with red lips. you can use: Chanel perfection foundation, Clinique lipstick.

Romantic makeup: apply grey eyeshadow, and use a softer shadow along the lower lash line for complete the look, put creamy glow blush and use a simple lip colors. you can use: Laura Mercier eye colours.

Here you find a variety of bridal makeup look images to choose your look in your special day.