Bridal Hairstyles For All Hair Types

There are several bridal hairstyles for all hair lengths from short to long. Here we are provides you special hairstyle ideas. For wedding hairstyles for long hair, there is an updo called the up side braided chignon. This is where you make a braid and bring it up the side of the head and have a few wisps of hair at the sides of the face. The braid resembles a “crown, sort of. It is up around the head. Don’t wash your hair with this updo when it is really near your wedding day, rather, get a blowout to keep this updo looking tidy for the wedding. If you wash your hair on the wedding day with this hairdo, it won’t stay.

For a longer hairdo, which can likely be adapted for medium is an up bun hairdo with the hair at the front, not all the way down, but that it is slightly wispy at the sides. Perfection is not as important, rather, you want to look more natural-like with this hairdo.

There is another hairdo for long to medium hair, it is the braided bun. If you are using a veil, you would place it at the top of the bun than to hide the bun.

There are a lot of elegant bridal hairstyles for short hair, the bob cut would be a good one. You don’t have to grow out your hair for the wedding if you don’t want to. You should look more like you on that day if you can. You will need a graduated bob and eye-grazing bangs, so you will need to visit the hairdresser two weeks before your wedding to get the graduated bob and get your bangs cut to sweep by your eyes. This is a “down” haircut rather than having it up.

Curly bridal hairstyles: There is another bob cut for medium hair. This is wearing it down in a bob and having curls at the sides, not tight curls, but wavy curls and the curls are at the side and there is a bob cut at the back. This way, you don’t wear it up and you can have a comfortable hairstyle without meddling for hours with your hair for a wedding. You do not have to “nail” every strand of hair into place, rather, have a few loos-er strands for a more natural haircut and style.

If you want a special bridal hairstyle then go for a beachy hairdo, there is a beachy one where you would soften curls and drape those down by the sides, but you would twist a ½ inch piece of hair to eliminate flyaways. This is a great hairdo if you are having your wedding at a beach.

These are several hairdo ideas for your wedding day. Some of these need more work to do than others. If you can not do the work or would rather do it yourself, choose a down hairdo listed here. The beachy look is an easy one to do. A bob cut with curls down the side of the face is another hairdo that shouldn’t be too hard. A good hairstyle thing to do is accessorize with tiaras and flowers and so on. Take a look at the photos below inspired by If you want more you can take a look at Bridal Hairstyles 2013

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