Bridal Hairstyles 2013

One the most important day of your life, you want to be sure you look your absolute most stunning and with some of the most amazing new hairstyles 2013 looks to be the year of the bridal hairdo. This year has seen some of the best bridal hairstyles for all types of hair whether you need a style for long, medium or short length hair.

Here are a few wedding hair design suggestions that are perfect for your special occasion whether your style preference is bridal hairstyles half up, bridal hairstyles for long hair, or bridal hairstyles for short hair.

One of the latest hairstyles for bridal occasions uses the classic chignon accessory. This is great especially if you have medium length hair, but it can work well with longer hair if you don’t mind taking the trouble of putting it up in the back. The chignon is pinned in your hair along the lower part of the back of your head and it comes in a huge variety of colors and textures to match whichever dress you choose.

Another one of the great bridal updo hairstyles this year is the Victorian. This style is a full updo, pulling almost all of your hair to the top of the head, although leaving it loose and airy rather than tightly packed. Again, you’ll want to place a chignon on one side and leave a few strands hanging loose to add a carefree charm to the sides of your otherwise exposed neck and shoulders.

More and more lately there has been a trend moving towards a more casual disheveled look in bridal hair styles, and this year is no exception. You might want to try the Summer Beach, especially if you’re having a summer outdoors wedding. This style uses a combination of curls and braiding to add body and texture to a style that you leave hanging loose. This is a great style if you have longer hair and will produce an innocent yet playful vibe for your appearance. Definitely the year for stunning bridal hairstyles 2013 is proving to be the best year anyone should want to get married.

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