Bob’s Furniture Living Room Sets

Are you looking for luxury living rooms? There are a few styles in now at Bobs Furniture store. There is also a Goof Proof plan where you can protect your furniture from stains and other damages by buying a goof proof insurance plan that is good for 5 years. This way, you can live with your furniture, rather than live around it.

The Pandora furniture set for the Bobs Furniture store is the featured set as of this writing. It is a set of a sofa with a loveseat. This one is a modern greyish-tan in color and is fabric. There are two small square pillows a piece with this set as added accessories shown with this set.

The Maggie set is modern living room similar to above, but has a chair and ottoman rather than a loveseat. It has suede fabric and is available in 2 colors, chocolate and tan. This is a set that comes in several options of the sofa part from a regular 72” sofa all the way up to a 92” queen sleeper sofa with a bob-o-pedic mattress included. There is also a chair and an ottoman for this as well.

The Libre II sofa is a 2 piece sectional. There are several options with right or left arm facing a queen sleeper that has from a 4.5 inner spring mattress to a Bob-o-pedic mattress and you can also have others that don’t have this mattress or sleeper included, but just a plain sofa.

Bobs Furniture provides us a special in this living room design as the tristan set comes in either a 2 or 3 piece set. One is a sofa and love seat. The 3 piece is the same, but with a wedge. There is also a matching chair for this too if you would like to have a matching chair too. For the chair, you can also get an ottoman for this.

The Hawk Eye is a great seat set for more rustic homes as it is made of leather and more colored for those situations. It is deep reddish brown that is suited to rustic décor. There is a loveseat and a sofa with this set with an optional wedge. There is a rocking loveseat and a swivel rocker recliner as well as the sofa that comes with it or you can buy it piece by piece.

If you are looking for a stylish living room the Vice Versa Brown has several pieces that you can buy. It is a sectional so you can buy what you need for your sectional. You can buy a left and/or right corner/s and a swivel chair, ottoman and an armless piece to place on the ends or center. This is another good set if you have a modern décor that you would like to maintain.

Most of the Bobs Furniture living room sets mentioned here – via – are for more modern décor except the Hawk Eye that is more suited to rustic décor. If you are looking for modern décor sofas and furniture, go to Bob’s furniture store for these. At times you will find some for a more rustic décor if you are looking for that particular style. Today, of this writing, the hawk Eye set is the rustic one.

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