Beyonce Wedding Dress In Her Marriage To Jay-Z

Beyonce wedding dress. Beyoncé’s wedding dress as revealed in the video of ‘I Was Here’. Beyoncé got hitched to Jay-Z three years ago, but we nosy celebphiles never saw the bridal-dress money shot, because she likes to keep her private life, funnily enough, private. First look.  Beyonce gives fans their very first look at the wedding gown she married Jay-Z in, in a newly released montage video of iconic moments. The singer is seen make-up free, trying on the plunging strapless creation with the aid of a friend. Beyoncé wedding dress. Beyoncé’s mum, designed it. Mama Knowles has her own label, House of Dereon, and designs her daughter’s red-carpet, music and tour outfits. Beyoncé goes bridal in the video for her new single, “Best Thing I Never Had,” and, of course, she looks amazing! Wedding season is in full swing. Beyoncé wedding dress. Beyonce wedding dress in her marriage to Jay-z. Beyonce wedding with Jay-Z.

Beyonce wedding dress

Beyonce wedding dress at Oscar

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