Best Summer Makeup Tips & Tricks for Beach

You don’t need a lot of clothes at the beach, and the same can be said of your make up. A face full of makeup is too much in this setting, think Cruella Deville goes to the seashore. The look you’re aiming for is light and natural, a breezy summer version of your everyday self.

You may be thinking, why I would want to appear in public without my usual pancake and spiky lashes. There are actually several reasons, so let’s talk about them.

  • Due to minimal seaside attire, there aren’t a lot of things to distract from your face – well there might be a couple of things, but that depends how micro your bikini is.
  • Hair is simple too, or it should be. (Bouffants at the beach are another fashion faux pas ). Ideally your hairstyle is minimal, or, as is often the case, pulled back into a sleek ponytail. This leaves the focus on your face, and your makeup or lack thereof.
  • The sweltering summer sun can do strange things to make up. Foundation can actually melt and smear, and may turn a sickly orange color as it breaks down.
  • Have you ever seen someone trying to rock the beach while sporting shiny sticky lip gloss? Believe me; sand-stuck- to- the- lips is not an attractive look.
  • Nothing spoils the elfin mermaid effect you’ve been trying to cultivate, like black rivulets of mascara running down your face as you emerge from the surf.

While these are important things to keep in mind when you head for the beach, they shouldn’t keep you from going at all. Unfortunately some just people just can’t abide the bare skin look. Luckily you don’t have to. There are multiple products available that can help you save face, whether at the beach, or at any of the fun summer activities that take place in the great outdoors.

  1. Always start with sunscreen. Apply 20 minutes before make up, so the lotion has a chance to soak in and set before you put anything else on top of it.
  2. Base – Instead of foundation, you might try going with a more natural look like a translucent powder -based product. Always make sure to find a color which perfectly matches your complexion. If that doesn’t float your boat, or adequately even out your skin tones, you can also check out the many varieties of lightly tinted facial creams and lotions.
  3. Lip wear – To avoid the afore – mentioned problem with sticky lip-gloss, try using a stain, or a matte lipstick. Feel free to go bright, since colors like cherry or fuchsia, accentuate your tan. You might want to dab a bit of the same on cheeks for accent.
  4. Eyes- You’ll definitely want to invest in some waterproof mascara. Go with a lengthening, rather than thickening or volumizing formula which tends to clump. As for shadow, a little goes a long way.  If you must apply, stick with light barely there shades.

Once you’ve applied you light and bright, and durable make up, forget about it. Trying to touch up at the beach makes you look insecure, and overly concerned with you appearance. Once you’ve purchased products designed to last and hold up in the elements you can relax and have fun in the sun. Surf’s up!