Best Styles for Beach Wedding Dresses

If you have decided to tie the knot with that perfect groom and you want the setting of your wedding to match the hot love and passion you feel for him, there’s no better way than to say your vows with the waves lapping on the shore in the background. So here are a few styles to consider when shopping for beach wedding dresses.

The V-Neck Lace Wedding Dress

One of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a beach wedding dress is the temperature. More than likely if you’re holding a beach wedding, you’ll be having a Summer wedding, or at least holding it in a warmer clime. The V-Neck Lace Wedding Dress is the perfect dress for both day and night weddings during warmer times of the year. The dress gives you coverage on your shoulders and, in some styles your arms, to keep you warm as the temperature drops in the evening, but still allows plenty of air flow to keep you cool in the afternoon sun.

Strapless Wedding Dress

In more humid weather when you won’t need your shoulders covered when the Sun goes down, strapless beach wedding dresses will allow your upper body to stay cool throughout the ceremony and the following festivities. These come in a variety of styles from the simple straight gown to more elaborate designs with lace and chiffon accessories. Just be sure to remember your exposed shoulders will be getting more Sun, so you will need to bring your sunscreen.

Open Back Wedding Dress

Another great beach wedding dress option is the open back dress. This dress will allow air to circulate throughout the gown to keep you cool and prevent unwanted perspiration on the most romantic day of your life. The open back lends a touch of elegance to your dress and is often a feature of the fancier gown types of wedding dresses. Like with the strapless dress, the open back beach wedding dress exposes more of your skin to the sun, so you’ll need to watch out for sunburn.

Short Wedding Dress

Something you’ll want to consider when holding a beach wedding is that you will be walking in the sand at least some of the time. If you want to avoid the risk of dirtying or damaging your hemline, you may want to consider one of the shorter varieties of beach wedding dresses. Most of the more modern styles of wedding dresses are available in lengths that fall at the calf, the knees and even higher. But even some of the more traditional wedding gowns can be found with hemlines that don’t fall all the way to the ground. In any case, you’ll certainly want to avoid floor-length dresses and especially those with trains.

Whichever option you choose, as long as you prepare for the temperature and weather you expect for your outdoor wedding, you will no doubt find the perfect beach wedding dress to bring some tropical heat to the most important day of your life.