Prom Dresses 2022 Is the Year to Look Your Best

It’s getting to be that time of year again when we get to get out the credit card and look for a school prom dress for ourselves our daughters. For this year, 2013 prom dresses are looking great, giving us a combination of classic looks blended with new styling. When you are out looking for your school prom dress, look out for some of these styles and try them on.

Baby blue ball gownThis lovely powder blue prom dress is either a throwback to the dance dresses of the 1950s, or the Cinderella ball dresses of the 1750s. The skirt flares out just enough to add a touch of style to this elegant prom dress without dragging on the floor. A satin sash wraps the waste and the bosom of the gown features a straight cut top lined with light blue lace. This is one classic style that will hold up for many years to come.

Yellow ChiffonYou will be the center of attention in this strapless yellow chiffon prom dress. The bright color is the perfect dress for a spring prom and the forgiving cut of this dress makes it a viable option for young ladies of a variety of body sizes. A frilly, heart shaped bust gives this prom dress modern styling while the lacy sash keeps the style grounded in tradition.

Black One-shoulderFor something a little different from your usual strapless prom dress style, try this straight black gown that wraps over the left shoulder while leaving the right free and open. This sophisticated design is reminiscent of formal evening wear and sports a beaded wrap that covers the waist and torso. The straight cut dress falls nearly to the floor, but does not drag the floor so you can dance freely without worrying about getting caught a very classy prom dress offering.

With the prom dresses 2013 has in store for us this year, there will be no topping the style and pizazz we will be seeing at the biggest formal event of the year for our high schoolers.