Best Christmas Gift Ideas

Three Approaches to Finding Christmas Gift Ideas

One of the toughest parts of the holiday season is figuring out what to give as gifts to everyone on your Christmas list. Even if you know that your recipients will love you whether or not they love their gifts, we all still enjoy the satisfaction of seeing eyes lighting up when you’ve given someone that perfect gift. So here are a few things to consider when trying to come up with Christmas gift ideas.

The Traditional Approach

The time-honored approach to deciding what kind of Christmas gift to get someone is to spend time with the person and get to know their likes and dislikes. If someone enjoys video games or science fiction novels, find out what they already have, what their favorites are and what they absolutely hate. Armed with that information, you can at least get into the ballpark of something they would be interested in, and avoid an embarrassing faux pas by gifting someone the complete box set of a television series they absolutely cannot stand.

Also, think about recruiting close family or friends of the person you are Christmas gift shopping for to learn what kinds of things they are enjoying and maybe even have already dropped hints about. Your aunt knows your uncle would like a new circular saw to do some long overdue home renovations, and your brother can fill you in on the your niece’s new Barbi Doll obsession. As a last resort, just ask the person directly what kinds of things they might like. Christmas gifts don’t have to be a surprise.
The Do-It-Yourself Approach

Although wrapping up the perfect gift, sticking a bow on it and tossing it under the tree is as old as Ebeneezer Scrooge, a popular trend in Christmas gift ideas over the last twenty years is to give a gift certificate. Practically every retail outlet and service provider, from big box department stores to restaurants to boutique spas offer a prepaid gift certificate complete with a greetings card and holder.

Giving a gift card or a prepaid card to online outlets or services avoids the clumsy situation of giving something the person already has or does not really have a need for. Assuming the gift card is reasonably appropriate (your nephew may not get very excited about a toenail makeover), your friend or loved one is the best person to know what they are going to like. The one downside is that many people find gift cards a bit impersonal.

The Personal Approach

So, if you really want to bring a personal touch to your Christmas gift ideas, remember that not all gifts need to be purchased. Sometimes the thought really is what counts, and by making or doing something personal as a gift, you can inspire holiday cheer that cannot be purchased at your local mall.

Are you skilled with arts and crafts? Draw or paint a portrait of you and your brothers and sisters to give to your parents. Can you fix things? Give a coupon for a free fix-it job to your mechanically impaired friends. Do you cook? Have everyone over for a home-cooked Christmas meal.

Even though Christmas gift ideas are not always easy to find, if you start early and use one or more of these approaches, you can ensure you’ll be putting treats in your loved ones stocking and not worrying about if you’re giving them lumps of coal.

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