Best Christmas Gift Ideas 2014-2015

As the year slowly passes and December approaches by we can’t help but start thinking about buying the Christmas gifts and saving money for them. However it’s quite a challenge what to buy and when to do it. Therefore we would like to make a few suggestions on when to buy what for this special celebration.

Christmas gifts for kids

We have the Wishlist ready and our kids are eagerly awaiting for all the toys enlisted to magically appear under the tree. However it’s mostly just not possible. We advice all parents to have the Christmas Wishlist limited to a specific number of big and small gifts, in order to avoid either disappointment or a total bankruptcy by the end of the year.

Important to note: don’t buy gifts for your kids more than 2-3 months earlier. It sounds tempting but trends do change quickly and they may not want that toy any longer.

Tips:  October and November are the best months for buying presents. Check the sales at your shopping malls as specific stores have a weekly or monthly sales. Some websites also offer toys much cheaper than general stores.

Christmas gifts for parents

Parents are mostly never keen on receiving expensively purchased gifts from their children. However the best thing you can possibly do is to do something handmade. It can be a soap, a candle or anything which has your love in it. Our other tip is a holiday voucher or a Spa voucher which everyone just  loves, yet lack the „smell” of money.

Christmas gifts for friends

Friends don’t l like to spend lots of money on gifts for other friends these times. We are suggesting you to buy something you know your friend will love, however little thing it may be. Don’t forget expensive presents may be annoying especially if the other party only bought something smaller/cheaper for you.

Tip: arrange a Christmas dinner for your friends exclusively where your gift is your cooking and the great company. You can also prepare something Christmassy together to add that Christmas flavor to the party even more.

Christmas gifts for colleagues

When it comes to buying gifts for someone you don’t really know that close, the best choice remain the sweets and the alcoholic drinks. Pay attention never to buy low quality of these rather purchase a smaller size of everything.

Christmas gift for that special one

Buying gift for the person you love is a surprisingly hard task especially when a relationship is still young and you don’t know each other’s taste. Especially in this early stadium we discourage you to buy anything big for your loved one. Rather stick with something classy yet affordable such a nice hat or scarf for men and sweets, drink or a pendant for women.

The importance of packaging

It may sound funny but the packaging has a substantial role in a gift, almost as high as the gift itself. Everyone loves nicely packed gifts and to open these. Therefore always pack your presents by yourself as it counts a great deal.

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