Before you Color your Hair…

Before you color your hair…
Well, the week before you color you hair, make sure to really condition the ends so that they don’t absorb too much color during the process.
The reason? The ends of your hair are usually the most porous and have a tendency to really soak up color. 

Natural Hair Colouring

Henna Treatment


Henna is a very good natural conditioner for the hair. It strengthens the hair.
On dark hair henna gives red and reddish highlights.
  • When applied on black or dark brown hair, the hair color changes to burgundy with red highlights that are visible in the sunlight.
  • Henna dyes blond hair a natural red.
Ways of Using Henna
Add floral water, eggs, Lemons, Tea Water, Coffee and Oils to Henna pastes to create the perfect paste.

Apply henna paste. Allow paste to on the hair for 2-3 hours.

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