Baby Diaper Tabels

This Comfortable Baby Changing Table, wall changing station, floor standing changing station, Diaper dispenser Nappyrette. the all design easy to used. The nursing table is manufactured in galvanised sheet metal and a powder coay finish. A solid ergonometrical and durable construction which meets the demand from the user for many years. Placed to your convenient height and neighbouring a wash-basin will facilitate the function.The most practical of Bybo’s products is the modern wall mounted changing table. Its folding construction allows to save space and provides enough space to comfortable change a baby. Two shelves give places to store all necessary stuff. There is also available floor version of a changing table.Ergonomic you work at the correct height with everything in comfortable reach. Shower-proof when it´s closed, put it over the bath or in a shower.which is space-saving. A practical well arranged shelf system for your accessories, gives you a better control over the child. let’s see the Comfortable Wall Mounted and Floor Standing Baby Changing Tables Design Ideas picture below:

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