Baby Clothing 2022: Dress Your Baby in Style

It is always such a joy to shop for these little blessings.  Gone are the days when we swaddled babies in a piece of cloth or covered them up in a vest and a diaper.  2019 has given a new dimension to the term baby clothing, as there is now baby couture available on the market. The conundrum of knowing which clothes is the best fit for you baby may be perplexing at times.  Here are a few fashionable ideas to help you dress your baby in style for 2019.

One Piece Suit

One-piece suits are some of the most comfortable outfits for your babies. These one-zies come may come in different colors but always be sure to choose pure cotton fabric so that your baby’s skin will not become irritated. These outfits are very convenient and can serve the purpose of playing or sleeping. Avoid any baby garment that is too complicated with style and lacks utility. Baby clothes should be easy to go on and easy to come off.

Fun Blankets

A soft, clean cotton or light colored fleece sack that zips over your baby’s body or sleepwear to provide much needed warm at night is a must. This may not sound like much of an outfit but these come in very fashionable styles nowadays. There are baby blankets that come in sponge bob style, pokemon and cookie monster and other characters to add fun to the fabric, therefore giving it the edge of some sort of style. These replace those boring traditional blankets which are synthetic and unsafe for you baby. If you just had a winter baby, you may require a one-piece fleece suit that often comes hooded. This is a great option if you want to avoid bulk in the event that you have to travel with your baby. They snuggle the baby nicely and serve a grand purpose in keeping the baby at a safe temperature in the cold weather.

Feet Wear

A very important piece of clothing for a baby is their sock. There are a number of options, for boys, socks and booties can be used both in-doors and out-doors depending on the temperature in the air. Also Leggings for girl allows for the ease of changing your baby. In this way, it creates an advantage over one piece suits, as the whole thing does not have to be removed.

Cloaks, Shirts and Jackets

You should purchase T-shirts, turtlenecks and soft jackets with a lot of room, preferably with snaps at the neck, or something that easily slips over the baby’s head. One piece suits have snaps that fasten at the crotch, these are easier than long pants one piece suits.

Head Gear

Much baby clothing comes with hooded backs that can pull over the baby’s head, however, this can be especially uncomfortable to a restless baby. Instead, a soft hat that covers the baby’s hat should be bought, even with the use of the hood for full protection of the baby from draft and cold weather or the rays of the sun.