The Coolest Baby Clothes Spring Summer 2022

One of the most parts of having a small baby is shopping for cute little outfits to dress up the little guy or gal. Although the little tikes probably would be just as happy wearing a burlap sack as any of the pretty jumpsuits we buy for them, it is still fun to see them all bright and colorful in their little suits. So if you are in the market for new baby clothes for the spring summer 2013, here are a few of the cutest styles to look out for.

Aspen Layette

For the really young baby the layette body suit never goes out of style. These suits, which are essentially gloves for your baby’s whole body, will keep your little lady or fellow warm while being flexible enough to move with your baby as he or she learns to move around the crib or on the floor. You can get these in pink or light blue to match your baby’s gender. And what’s great is that these body suits come in a set that includes little baby booties and a cap.

Fleur de Lis One Piece

Of course the one piece jump suit never does out of style. This particular one piece comes in a stark crimson hue that will help you to keep an eye on your little troublemaker as he or she starts learning to crawl and to get into things. The snap crotch provides a snug fit while allowing easy access for diaper changing.

Biscotti Gown

This darling pink gown is the perfect option for keeping your baby girl warm at night in the crib. The fold over cuffs will help keep her hands warm while the sewn in bib will help keep her drool off of her body. The gown comes in a charming pink and black damask print that will keep her looking stylish even if she doesn’t know it.

It’s always fun to shop for new baby clothes, and these are just a few of the many great style options this year in baby clothes spring summer 2013. Have fun with it!