Baby Bath

How to wash baby?

For the first washing of the baby itself is a complicated process that could not understand. For Mother takes place in a horror. Because the mothers washing incontinence slip and fall into the fears, such as drowning. , but they are temporary.

You can get used to your baby during the bath with you.  water bath for him and arrange for the conditions there.
Among the materials I need .Baby shampoo, baby lotion, clean towels, baby diapers, dresses ..

the list is needed to reproduce in your hands. When you wash it may be preferable to use a portable bathroom. Remove baby clothes, pour water into the bathroom Put your other hand while holding . If the new-born baby’s head in a towel after washing everywhere outside the wash. Use your other hand while holding her baby with one hand-wash products for the baby crawl. Mild soap if you bend your back forward.

Do not be rude to him or never hates doing bathroom. Closer contact with him positively. When done, gently holding the towel wrap. Lay the clothes after drying with a soft clothe hurting somewhere.

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