Automatic Christmas Tree Watering Systems

Automatic Christmas tree watering systems. We wanted to have a Christmas tree for a few days before we left, and to have it waiting for us when we returned. We like Christmas trees a lot, and usually keep one for about two or three weeks. When you keep a tree this long, you risk having a good fraction of its needles fall if you don’t keep it well watered. Poor watering also increases fire risk. Although we had a neighbour come in to check the house, we didn’t want to burden her with the chore of watering the tree. Our solution was the device shown in the photos below. Christmas Tree Watering Systems make easy of the thankless task of watering your Christmas Tree.

christmas tree water

With Santa’s Solution ultimate Christmas tree watering system you will never overfill your stand or crawl under your tree to water it again. Unit attaches inside of stand, 3ft clear hose clips on branch, simply begin filling stand using provided funnel.

When water reaches desired fill line the unit will close and stop flow of water to stand.

christmas tree water_3


Water will begin to back up in hose, simply stop watering and walk away. Excess water in hose will slowly filter into stand. Make a Hidden Christmas Tree Watering System, Christmas Tree Watering Systems look like another present under your tree and are easy to set up and maintain. Simply fill the “present” with water and your Christmas Tree Watering Systems will do all the work for you. Christmas tree water. This is automatic Christmas tree watering systems. This is the way you will care for Christmas tree.

 christmas tree water_2

christmas tree water_1