Amy Michelson Romantic Wedding Dresses

Amy Michelson wedding dresses 2012 or luxurious silk gowns are cut to look sexy, liquid and feminine. Sophisticated and elegant, Amy’s bias cut wedding gowns evoke the enchantment of Hollywood’s golden era, yet are fresh and of the moment. The Bridal Designer Amy Michelson brand with an award winning style of relaxed elegance, spirit and accessible glamour. Amy Michelson is a recipient of the prestigious Couture Bridal 2001 & 2003 Designer of The Year Award, and a nominee for the 2003 Debi Award, securing her spot amongst the most deserving. Amy Michelson romantic wedding dresses 2012 collection. A bride can be anything she wants. see ideas and inspiration to creat your individual wedding style because Amy style is your style.

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