Amore And Baci Accessories

Amore & Baci means is the hugely popular Italian charm bracelet and jewellery brand offering you the chance to create something beautiful, personal and unique. Amore And Baci beads and jewelry Every Amore & Baci charm and bead is accurately crafted by skillful artisans.  The charms, beads and bracelets are made in 925 silver and some include hand enamelling, crystals, swarovksi, diamond cut, shell beads and true Murano glass beads hand made by artisans in Murano Italy. pictures bellow : Amore and Baci collection red , Amore and Baci collection blue , Amore and Baci  collection purpule , Amore and Baci collection green , Amore and Baci  collection brown .. Amore and Baci beads and accessories ..Amore and Baci new collections 2012..

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