After Sun-Skin Care

Our body that protects our skin from external factors, in the summer sun drying, hardens and requires more care. Write to the increasing secretion of sweat, dries out and hardens the skin, sometimes  under the skin causing a rash. In addition, type-volume pores clogging fat, acne can lead to the formation or growth.


Moisture condition

The easiest way to avoid these problems, often bathe, to try to keep open the pores of our skin. However, in water, sea, swimming pool, another factor leading to dry out our skin like soap. So in the summer sun, water and Drying moisturize our skin must be consistently great moisturizers.

Rather, sensitive and dry-skinned children in the summer on the light-colored, slightly scaly patches occurs. They also protect from the sun and moisturize the skin with the prevention and treatment is possible.

Against the rash and acne
Thickened areas of oily skin salicylic acid, retinoic acid-containing lotion or gel form, apply skin rash and thinners can prevent the formation of acne. If you are in our skin rash or acne antibiotic lotions or gels, and sometimes may have some systemic medications.

Dry, body, arms and legs, the more rubber that contains fatty acids and urea lotions, creams, ointments containing salicylic acid in vaseline and apply the skin in the feet can relax.


During the summer months the ultraviolet rays from the sun, the skin is different spots. They are:
Freckles: Especially in a small brown face settled. Decline in the winter.: freckles of sun exposed areas  brown back, bigger and in the winter. Is also called liver spots. Light color leather, blond, and more frequently seen in middle age on.

Perfume spots:

perfume, cologne and cosmetics to the skin in contact with some of the places where the sun’s rays can cause brown stains.

This is at least 30-factor sunscreens to protect against stains, and water, after an interval of 3-4 hours during the day should be used.

Fade Away in the treatment of stains and some chemicals are applied.

They are:
–  hydroquinone, azelaic acid

– Peel acids ( trichloroacetic acetic acid, phenol)

– Laser  

After-sun mask for Dry Skin
 1 egg yolk
1 tablespoon unsalted butter

After the sun on the skin of water, salt and protein would lack. To address this lack, and one egg yolk and a tablespoon unsalted butter mixed. Is applied to the skin as a mask for 20 min. After waiting with a mild cleanser to clean skin.

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