5 Mascara Tips We Swear You Haven’t Heard Before

Makeup artist Pat McGrath teamed with Dolce & Gabbana to create the lightweight Passioneyes Duo Mascara, which has a curved wand to mimic the shape of your lash line. In a nutshell, the mascara is somewhat basic but also pretty awesome. Here, McGrath’s best tips for applying it—or any mascara. —SOPHIA PANYCH via Allure.

Hold your curler longer. First, be sure you squeeze your lashes in three places—at the base, in the middle, and at the tips. Now here’s where things go all high maintenance: Every time you squeeze, hold for three seconds or the curl won’t last.

Start applying at the inner corners. This is the only way to make sure your mascara reaches the tiny lashes you probably don’t even know you have. (Just tissue off the wand first so you don’t get a big clump.)

Easy. “If your lashes are fine, don’t weigh them down with product,” McGrath says. Instead, swipe two coats—max—from the roots to the tips in one continuous motion.

Load up at the roots. If your lashes are long (waaaah, poor you), avoid overcoating the tips, which looks spidery.

Back off the bottom. Unless it’s for a runway show, McGrath leaves the bottom lashes bare: “It makes the top ones really stand out,” she says. If your lower lashes need definition, she suggests brown mascara, which is softer and looks more natural.

5 Mascara Tips We Swear You Haven't Heard Before