4 Early Pregnancy Signs

Family planning is never an easy process, and the stresses that come with the process are always one of the greatest challenges. That’s why it helps to notice as soon as possible when you might have to begin preparing for the coming of a new member of your family. If you can get an early start, you will greatly minimize the stress of dealing with all the ducks you have to get in a row when you are expecting. Here are a few early pregnancy signs that can help you get a head start.

1. Feeling tired

One of the first pregnancy symptoms is to notice that your body is starting to have some changes is when you start noticing fatigue setting in when normally you would be rested and energetic. The chemical changes that your body goes through at the beginning of a pregnancy can make you feel sluggish and listless.

2. Loss of appetite

One of the most common of early pregnancy symptoms is to start feeling like you are not hungry, even if you haven’t eaten all day. Hormonal changes often have an impact on your appetite and you need to be careful that you are eating enough even if you don’t feel like it. Because your body is going to need plenty of nutrition during all phases of your pregnancy, make sure that you are eating regularly.

3. Averse reaction to odors

Now this is one of the signs of pregnancy that you may be less aware of. Once your body starts releasing hormones related to your pregnancy, you may find yourself increasingly sensitive to odors around you. You may notice smells you never noticed before, and you may find that familiar smells that you took for granted suddenly become overbearing and even unbearable. Sometimes women in their early stages of pregnancy will plug their nostrils with small pieces of tissue, although you have to be very careful with this so that you do not plug your nasal passages with objects you are unable to later remove.

4. Upset stomach

And, of course, the most famous of early signs of pregnancy is the upset stomach. The hormones that your body will release sometimes cause you to feel nausea, especially in conjunction with certain kinds of foods and drinks. You will have to experiment to see what you can eat and drink without triggering the upset stomach attacks. Don’t worry, this is not anything serious. But it can be uncomfortable and inconvenient when you have to work or be engaged in other business throughout your day.

4 Early Pregnancy Signs

There are quite a few early pregnancy symptoms that you can use to identify when you are in the motherly way. Learning to spot these symptoms can help you prepare for the process and be ready for each stage of your pregnancy as it comes along. The more ready you are, the less stressful your pregnancy will be.

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