Yolan Cris Wedding Dresses 2012 New Sun Collection

Presenting one of Yolan Cris 2012 new bridal gown collection. Yolan Cris is a Spanish brand that produces many styles and colors of wedding dresses. Yolan Cris is characterized by the new and exotic designs, and most of all the bold, feminine style that its designers show in all collections. The New Sun features unique lines of ethnic and extraordinary wedding dress with ornaments resembling Aztec tribes, which is exquisite that represents such original designs. Yolan Cris bridal New Sun collection 2012, The Aztecs predicted that in 2012 the world as we kniw it will come to an end and give way to beginning of a new age, the new sun. Like the sun, this ethnic and tribal goddes rises from the stones. collection new sun, America, Floria, Australia,Kansas, Montreal.






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