Short Hairstyles 2014

Not everyone can pull off the short hairstyle. In fact, the short hairstyle requires a number of factors, such as a beautiful neckline, a lovely shaped head, and confidence. Even more so, not every short hairstyle suits every person with a beautiful neckline. One should be care to select a haircut that shames, frames and enhances the shape of ones face, so as to accentuate beauty and not flaws. Two 2014, and the anticipated trends seems to be taking hold, with some remarkable new ways of presenting and styling the traditional short hairstyles. If you are hesitant to choose a short hairstyle then you should take a careful read for some advice of 2014’s most fashionable hairstyles.

Short Bob 2014

With or without bangs, this always looks good on every woman regardless of her facial contours. In addition, hair tends to grow thicker at the roots and your thin stringy hair will now get a much needed chance to grow out with a new volumized look. Hair that is thicker will hide the faults for any shape head or face. Whether your face is triangular, rectangular, oval, square or round, a bon cut is the short style for you in 2014. Allow yourself the opportunity to experiment and find out what works best for you. The bob can be done in a variety of forms and styled in a variety of ways, on both straight and curly hair.

Neck Length Bob 2014

Straight hair to the neck always look sleek and elegant. We have seen it in movies, we have seen it on the runway and this timeless look never seems to lose its age. This is perhaps the trendiest variable of the bob style. This style is most commonly seen with a jagged or straight cut bang that accents the entire look. This Neck Bob, gives a bit more versatility than the short bob, allowing for straight curls, as well as in-ward and out-ward curls to suit the occasion.

Cascading short haircut

Most commonly seen on longer hair, the cascading haircut is a look that is now trending for short hair in 2014. The cascading look is for the woman who is not afraid to experiment with her fashion and one who is not afraid to be rugged. This style was seen on Halle Berry recently where she cut the back a bit short than the front to create a sort of asymmetrical visual effect which no doubt looked elegantly pleasing. This hairstyle will give your hair the bounce it lacked, the form it craved, the volume it suffered for and a look to die for. The best way to achieve this look is by either curls, or cascading pressed portions of hair over each other either in-ward or out-ward. The stages of cutting your hair into this style will allow your hair to look healthier than usual, and you will no doubt have no issues with contouring to suit your face as this look would suit anyone. Be sure not to make the look to sleek, as the cascading hair is mainly for the purpose of creating a more ruffled look, as opposed to a very squeaky cleaned sleek look.

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