Plus Size Halloween Costumes for Women

Be big, bold and beautiful this Halloween with the latest in plus size Halloween costumes that would grab your curvaceous handles with the purpose of making you look fabulous, or even scary if you choose. Get a costume that contours your body, hides you, disguises you, it’s all your choice. It is about time that full-figured women grabbed a hole of the trend to look fabulous, and not just for Halloween. Do not be held back by your weight, beauty is in how you express your inner self and for Halloween 2013, you can express your imagination and bring to life that super hero, fantasy character or personality you’ve been dying to mimic all year long. This is your chance! There are a number of fantastic costume options from which you can choose in order to pull off just the look you were going for. Conversely you can choose a costume that is sexy, scary, snooty or sarcastic, it’s all good in the spirit of having a blast. Here are a few thrilling Halloween fashions that might amaze you and give you some great ideas with which to work.

The Nurse

A tremendously sexy Halloween costume, has always been the nurse look. This costume is typically for women who like a little after party excitement with their significant others on Halloween night. In fact, these costumes, usually scream, role playing! If you are open minded and love living life to the fullest, why not become a plus size nurse and take care of that special someone!

The Nurse - Plus Size Halloween Costumes for Women

Sexy Maid

The maid is not exactly associated with glamour and glitz on an everyday basis, however it’s quite a different story when one is dressed up like a maid. The Halloween maid costume is suggestive and rife with countless innuendos about sex appeal. It makes for a lovely adult plus size Halloween costume.

Sexy Maid - Plus Size Halloween Costumes for Women

School Girl

Ideally, the school girl outfit is another one of those Halloween custom styles that just never goes out of fashion. From solstice to solstice, the school girl outfit has proven to be one of the most sought after Halloween costumes, and there is no reason why big girls can’t get in on the trend.

School Girl - Plus Size Halloween Costumes for Women

Egyptian Queen Cleopatra

Undeniably, Cleopatra was a woman who was haughty and astonishingly gratified in the matter of exquisiteness. Many women exude the sense of sultriness that personifies attributes reminiscent of the ancient queen. A lot of women choose to embody the significance of Cleopatra and other Egyptian queens during Halloween. In fact, Egypt has been a salient fixture in many festivals such as this one, where the image of its popular queens, gods and goddesses are constantly referenced for costume ideas. Such a splendid idea this is, and you can certainly become the plus size Egyptian Queen of the Nile for all Hallows eve.

Egyptian Queen Cleopatra - Plus Size Halloween Costumes for Women

Police Officer

Be large and in charge in a police uniform. It’s the perfect idea for a Costume idea for plus size women. Dress up and take charge of all this Halloween.

Police Officer - Plus Size Halloween Costumes for Women

The Grecian Goddess

Aphrodite – the Olympian goddess of love, Artemis – Queen Goddess of the hunt and Hera – goddess of war are just some of the trending plus size Halloween costumes for women that always look great. You can look gorgeous as a plus size goddess of whatever you choose in Halloween as Greek costumes always look so tantalizingly breathtaking.

The Grecian Goddess - Plus Size Halloween Costumes for Women

The Witch

What is Halloween without the witch? In fact, witches are an integral part of the celebrations. Witch costumes come in all shapes and sizes and any woman can look stunningly scary in a witch costume. Nowadays, there are so many witch costume options, from the drab to the sexy, long, short, white black, colorful. In addition to this, there are white witches, wicked witches, all sorts of choices. Cast your spells in as a witch this Halloween in a plus size costume for hocus pocus.

The Witch - Plus Size Halloween Costumes for Women

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