Natural Hair Mask

Try recipes for herbal hair care mask easily prepare at home …

Avocado Hair Mask

Avocado is rich in vitamin E.
It is useful for skin care and hair.
 Olive oil gives the hair shine.
Egg provides support for the protein. Give your hair volume,
thin avocado hair mask will help prevent spills.

 Material List ;

    * 1 avocado
    * 1 egg yolk
    * 2 tablespoons pure olive oil

    Get the inside of the bowl with a spoon  avocado.
    * Add the egg yolks and olive oil and mix thoroughly.
    * Wet your hair slightly.
    * Apply the avocado mask, scalp massage.
    * Wait 15 minutes to plug in your hair bonnet.
    * Rinse with warm water rinse shampoo for your hair type.
    Avocado mask to apply * 1 time per week.

Important Information: Wash your hair with warm water, otherwise the eggs must be cooked and to bring the scent of you will have to deal with.

Hazelnut Oil Mask

Hazelnut oil, apply the mask to remove the scalp of dandruff. Nut oil contains vitamin E helps to refresh the scalp.

Material List

    * 5 tablespoons hazelnut oil
Preparation and Implementation:

    * Get the hazelnut oil into the skillet.
    * Very low heat until the oil heat.
    * Dip your fingertips oil scalp crawl.
    * For 15 minutes then shampoo directly.
    * Rinse with warm water and plenty.
    * 1 time per week can apply the mask of hazelnut oil

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