Hands Moisture

Always wear gloves while outside. Cold air from the affected section of the quick hands and lips.

Therefore, we should get the habit of wearing gloves.

Dries the air inside your home heating and heaters in winter. For this reason, moisture is lost in your home and your hands are dry, even while sitting at home. Rose water is very useful in these situations. Heating and comb in the bowl a little rose water drops hang moisturizing and moisture as well as protect your house can provide a nice smell.

Dampen your hands when you enter a few times a day, and especially from the outside. However, these creams should pay attention to the content. Stay away from creams that contain petroleum products.

In certain mixtures can prepare at home for your hands.
Put a small piece of butter and a little honey into the mix. Apply this on your hands, then wait a while and then wash. You’ll notice that your hands softer.

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